ELP Level II

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Who is ELP Level II for?

  • Staff who have served with Teen Challenge at least one year, demonstrate growth and development, and are committed long term to Teen Challenge.
  • Directors and all staff who have not completed Level II
  • Pre-Requisites for Level II:

  • Graduation from Level I
  • Basic computer literacy
  • Completion of “Taking Control of Your Workday”
  • Completion of the “ELP Level II Roadmap"
  • Completion of Base Camp (Southeast Region)
  • What is the focus of Level II?

    We said that the focus of Level I is establishing personal leadership. As leaders, we never stop working on our own leadership example, so this remains a focus in Level II as well. When people trust the leader’s walk, they willingly follow, giving the leader permission to lead them, not just boss them. The focus of Level II is one-on-one leadership, and leading others begins with valuing others.

    How is the Level II structured?

    The Level II is a one-year program which systematically takes participants through one book per month (with the exception of one 3-month course). Participants learn the value of reading and on-going growth and development as well as the value of mentorship and learning with and from others. Each course has its own Syllabus, Study Guide and Test (if applicable) helping participants to process and apply what they are reading.

    To successfully graduate from the ELP Level II, a participant must:

  • Complete the 7 Core Courses
  • Choose 1 of the 6 Elective Tracks courses and complete the coursework
  • Participate in a weekly On-line Discussion Forum
  • Complete 12 hours of Community Service
  • Attend an ELP Summit (or another leadership event for those outside the Southeast Region)
  • People FirstExecutive Values21 Irrefutable Laws of LeadershipThe Peace MakerOrdering Your Private WorldIntegrityFrom Dream to Reality - 1 Month Course
    Endorsement for ELP from Rev Snow Peabody

    How is the ELP Level II Facilitated?

  • The ELP participant will complete a Level II orientation.
  • The ELP Office or Rep provides the participant with the Level II notebook and handles book orders. They facilitate the program and regularly communicate with participants.
  • The participant is responsible for downloading all ELP Resources from this ELP website and staying on pace.
  • Participants are given an assessment of their performance in the program on a monthly basis.
  • ELP Level II – Minimum Initial Investment:

    Note: these initial costs assume that a center has already launched the ELP Level I.
    $15      Level II Notebook for Rep
    $205    Set of ELP Level II Core Books for Rep (plus Shipping)
    $200    Maxwell’s 21 Laws DVD Set (plus Shipping)
    $75      Optional “Taking Control of Your Workday” CD set as Level II prerequisite
  • Approximately $500 plus shipping for books
  • Staffing Commitment:   For a Rep facilitating both the Level I and Level II at their center, the time commitment could be anywhere from 16-30 hours/week depending on the number of participants.
  • ELP Level II – Cost per Participant:

    $15      Level II Notebook
    $205    Level II Core Books (plus Shipping)
    $45      Level II Elective Books (more/less depending on courses selected)
    $60      Facilitation Fee if a participant’s Level II is facilitated by the Southeast Region ELP HQ’s
    $350    Optional Attendance at the ELP Summit (plus Travel)
  • Approximately $265 plus shipping for books without ELP Summit and if self-facilitated
  • What kind of time commitment is required for Level II?

    ELP Level II participants must learn to make time for the ELP in their weekly schedule.

    Approximately 4-5 hours/week for:
  • Reading
  • Coursework
  • Online Forum
  • The objective of the Emerging Leaders Program is to provide an instructional program for enhancing the quality and longevity of leadership within Teen Challenge. The ELP is a tool to assist in raising up the next generation of Teen Challenge leaders relative to our heritage, mission, DNA and guiding principles.