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What is the ELP Level III?

The purpose of the Emerging Leaders Program is to identify, equip and train emerging leaders who aspire to greater levels of responsibility within Teen Challenge. The ELP was the vision of Dr. Jerry Nance for the purpose of raising up leaders within Teen Challenge who would preserve the unique purpose of Teen Challenge ("the Jesus Factor"...), align with our unique philosophy, live out our core values, and embrace the servant-leadership model. Not long after the ELP was launched for students and staff in the southeast region, Dr. Nance gathered national and global leaders to give input into a third level of the ELP which would equip current and potential staff for key leadership within Teen Challenge. This committee framed out the content for the Level III by answering the question, "what does a Teen Challenge director need to know?"

Who is eligible for the ELP Level III?

  • Current Teen Challenge Directors and Program Managers.
  • Staff who have served a minimum of 3 years within Teen Challenge and have a potential for key leadership (Program Mgr/ Dir, Executive Dir).
  • Level III Schedule & Curriculum

    The Level III is a 2-year program consisting of ten 8-week Modules and four 1-week Leadership Intensives held each March and October. You can expect a time commitment of 5-7 hours per week to engage in the reading, study and course work required in the Level III. The Modules have distinct start and end dates; however, you can work according to your own schedule for the study and course work.

    What are the goals of the ELP Level III?

  • Give our future leaders the initial skill set necessary to lead a Teen Challenge program
  • Give our future leaders an awareness of the reality of leading a Teen Challenge program
  • Minimize the pitfalls for a new Teen Challenge Director or Program Manager
  • Collaboration among TC USA and GTC in identifying and equipping "Gen Next"
  • Prerequisites for Level III

  • Level II Graduate (Southeast Region)
  • Computer Literate
  • Completion of the ELP Level III "Roadmap"
  • Recommendation by Executive Director or State/Regional Director if not currently serving as a Director or Program Manager
  • Endorsement from Jerry Nance

    Program Requirements for Completion

  • Complete all 10 Level III 8-week Modules
  • Participate in an On-Line Discussion Forum
  • Attend 4 Level III 1-week Intensives
  • Attend Level III Graduation (optional)
  • Who is doing the training at the Intensives?

    Veteran TC USA and GTC leaders and when possible we will be partnering with outside organizations such as Ken Blanchard's Lead Like Jesus trainers and Willowcreek resources.

    What is the Cost?

    Within the Southeast Region:
      -Leadership Intensives: No cost for the Intensive.
      -Module Curriculum: The cost for books and resources is Module dependent. The participant’s center is responsible to cover this cost.
    Outside the Southeast Region:
      -Leadership Intensives: Cost includes Conference Fee and 5 Nights of Meals & Accommodations.
      (Prices are subject to change)
    • $500/Intensive (Queen Bed)
    • $600/Intensive (Queen Bed Private Room)
    • -Module Curriculum: The cost for books and resources is Module dependent. For more information, email the ELP Office

      "Making the ELP available is so valuable in the body of Christ.  As an Executive Director for 12 years now I am getting the support that I need and knowledge that is so helpful in these hard days." - Level III Participant

    The objective of the Emerging Leaders Program is to provide an instructional program for enhancing the quality and longevity of leadership within Teen Challenge. The ELP is a tool to assist in raising up the next generation of Teen Challenge leaders relative to our heritage, mission, DNA and guiding principles.