ELP Highlight – June 2013

Name: Holly Munroemerging leaders program - holly munro

Age:   23

Hometown:  Fort Myers, Florida

Teen Challenge Center:   Emerging Leaders College

(If you are a TC Grad) Which Center/What Year did you Graduate: Fort Myers Women/ 2012

My Testimony in Brief: Upon coming into Teen Challenge I was bound to a 7 year battle against depression, alcohol, and drugs. I entered the program at the age of 21 completely broken with little hope that my life could ever change. He has given me a passion to serve Him and go out into the world and share His love with those that have yet to hear the name of Jesus.

The Purpose and Calling God has Given Me: After graduating Teen Challenge in May of 2011, God called me to continue my journey at Emerging Leaders College. During the next two years I will be trained and equipped for what God is calling me to next in this great adventure!

The ELP’s Impact on My Leadership: The ELP program has been a great opportunity that has been used in my life to stretch and mold me in all areas of leadership. The number one thing that I have learned as a leader is to lean into the strength of Jesus as he continues to call me outside of my own comfort and abilities.

Rep’s Link June 2013

This month my goal is to call a few of you and just pray for you and your needs. Remember the one thing that we don’t want our emerging leaders to forget is the word “responsibility.” We will do this by focusing on “training and coaching emerging leaders to lead Self well.” We believe we must lead ourselves well before we lead anyone else. Our next webinar will be held Fri, June 21st at 10:30am eastern. Please note the change in the start time (we hope this doesn’t mess with your schedule too much) but we want to honor Andrew’s weekend off.

ELP Level I Adult

This month our core course is Discover Your Gifts and our text: Discover Your God-given Gifts by Don & Katie Fortune. We will learn to recognize our gifts as well as discover why we relate to people the way we do, what aspect of ministry best suits us, the character traits associated with our gifts and typical problem areas for each gift“ (Don & Katie Fortune).  

ELP Level I Adolescent

The course for the Adolescent track is Building Relationships and we will study Habitudes 2 – the Art  of Connecting with Others. This book is part of a series; in this series we learn how to lead up – in relationships with those over us” (Tim Elmore). “Sociologists tell us the most introverted people will influence 10,000 others in an average lifetime, so how do we influence others? Do we make a difference in the world we live in? How do we add value?” (Tim Elmore).

Monthly Orders

Go to Google Drive and search for ELP Monthly Order Form and Grade Sheet Edited. Look for your center’s name in the tabs at the bottom and fill in your center’s information. No need to save or email the spreadsheet to me (Google Drive saves it and I can access the info from my Drive). Wow! What a beauty technology is! Have a great month leaders!

Level II – June 2013


This month we want to welcome back Steven Borchert (Ozark’s Boy’s) to the Level II! Welcome Steven!

Core Courses

We are continuing with our 3-month course Values in Leadership text: People First by Jack Lannom. Great insights are coming out of your posts – you guys are doing an amazing job! Remember to fill-in your Personal Action Plans at the end of each acrostic (you will turn those in at the end of the course).

For those of you doing the Elective Track, great questions and insights! I see the future leaders of Teen Challenge beaming brighter and brighter.

Responsibility – Inspire Others To Action


We are on the last three descriptions of our acronym RESPONSIBILITY:

Equip and Train
Next-Generation Leaders
who lead Self well
Influence others
Buy into our vision
Invest time and resources
Love the Lost

Inspire others to action

“Inspiration is the essence of valuing the people that you lead” (johnmaxwellteam.net). When you think about inspire you think about those who lift you up, motivate you, enlarge you – make you feel bigger and better than you are. What they are actually doing is not boosting your ego; they are helping you to see vision for your life. I had several persons in the early years of my life who did that for me: Dr. Mark Minott (my youth pastor), Rev. Clinton Hoffenden (Senior Pastor COFB), John Steigerwald (founder-Teen Challenge Jamaica) and later, Greg Hammond (COO – TC Southeast) and Karissa McCarter (DCT – TC Southeast). These leaders saw the abilities in me and, at various stages of my life created opportunities for me to grow my gifts and leadership.

I am sure many of you have similar stories of men and women who spoke into your life and created such a big picture that you were inspired to go and take action towards your future. Inspiring others to take action is not only for the work our emerging leaders do at Teen Challenge but also for developing their lives. Speak vision to our emerging leaders, help them see the big picture –  how they fit into the larger picture of the organization. What is the one thing that if your emerging leaders were doing it today would make a significant impact at your center and on their lives? Take the time to slow down and inspire someone today; it will be worth it. 

Mike Zello – A TC Pioneer


Mike Zello - A TC Pioneer

Click the video link above to hear from Mike Zello about the early days of Teen Challenge and the future of the ministry!

Mike Zello is a pioneer of Teen Challenge who began working with David Wilkerson in 1958. In this video he shares about the early days and about the way he sees God raising up a new generation of leaders within Teen Challenge through the Emerging Leaders Program.


At our recent ELP Summit we looked at each of the “strands” of “TC DNA” -where you see the DNA in our heritage, and how TC Gen Next must be carriers of this DNA into our future. But actually we can’t claim this DNA as exclusively ours. Study any move of God throughout history and you’ll see evidence of this DNA. It probably started with prayer, the Gospel was proclaimed, the work of the Spirit was evident, etc. You might have noticed there is an intentional order to the “DNA sequencing”… So this means two things 1) it’s best that we not attempt any “genetic engineering” with our DNA, and 2) so that Teen Challenge might remain a move of God, He is zealous to make it impossible for us to forget our DNA.Emerging Leaders Program 2013 Summit

The book of Deuteronomy is a great example of God making it impossible to forget something. The book itself is a repeat of what you can read in the first 4 books of the Bible. As you read through it several phrases are repeated over and over again, up to 40 times! Phrases such as “don’t forget”, “remember”, “keep” and “be careful” or “take care”. For instance, “don’t forget that you were slaves in Egypt”, “remember what the Lord did for you in the wilderness”, “keep all the words of this law”, “be careful to obey”… You can imagine people in the crowd listening to Moses that day thinking that he had finally gone senile and couldn’t remember that he had already said something…37 times. But if you think of the context of that day, no one was taking notes on their iPad or getting the mp3 downloads after the message, so repetition was the key to remembering.

We don’t have those constraints today, but while the Israelites weren’t bombarded by multiple media sources competing for their attention, the problem for us is on the other end of the spectrum: we’re surrounded by a lot of noise. Not only that, the challenge for TC Gen Next is that the spirit of anti-Christ is an increasingly formidable force in the earth bringing deception and distraction with it. This is why the Emerging Leaders Program must be as intentional, and repetitive, as Moses in cultivating the TC DNA in our leadership culture. So let us know when you feel like the ELP has become senile, that means our communication is starting to come through! So ELP’ers, don’t forget how the Lord led David Wilkerson and our TC pioneers these last 55 years, and take care to keep the DNA alive in your leadership and in your center!

DNA Descriptors – Click here to see the 7 DNA Strands

ELP Rep’s Link

As we continue to develop the mentoring and coaching pieces of the Emerging Leaders Program we want to streamline one other process to work more efficiently and effectively as a department i.e. our monthly book orders and grades. Please click here elp monthly order form and grade sheet look for your Center’s name and type in your book orders, grades, monthly TC Intake and Graduate figures. This form will be sent as a recurring email to your inbox each month to remind you to fill in this information. I will continue to  contact you on a monthly basis, however these calls will focus on connecting with you one-on-one, and to do training and coaching webinars. Our first such webinar will be held on Friday, May 17th at 11:00am (EDT) and will start our series of 30-minute training webinars on “Responsibility.”


It’s time for our next core course Armor Bearer and we will be studying “God’s Armor Bearer” by Terry Nance. Everyone in the body of Christ should carry the spirit of an Armor Bearer – the heart of a servant. To be the greatest in the Kingdom is to be servant to all. Terry looks at how God raised up Elisha as Elijah’s armor bearer, how to develop the spirit of an armor bearer and much more. This course comes with a book, DVD set and a participant’s guide. Let us know if you need to order a copy of the DVD set for your campus.


The Habitudes series is a great read for our adolescents because of the imagery displayed in the books and the wealth of information and experience that Dr. Tim Elmore brings to training young leaders. We start out the series with Habitudes I – the Art of Self-Leadership.  Please click here elp monthly order form and grade sheet look for your Center’s name and type in your book orders, grades, monthly TC Intake and Graduate figures.

Level II Link – May


This month we want to welcome Carl Johnson (Emerging Leaders College), Marsha Rice (West Florida Boy’s) and Eleonda Stewart (Women at the Well) to the Level II! Welcome leaders! We look forward to see how God will grow your leadership through the ELP.


Congratulations to Pastor Bernie Foschini (Western KY), Stacy McLaine and Anna Spencer (Columbus Women) and Nikki Osborne (Women at the Well) for moving on to your elective track!

Core Courses

Let’s jump back in after our one week break from posting. I am enjoying your insights from From Dream to Reality.

Our next course starting May 15th is a 3-month course Values in Leadership and we will be studying “People First” by Jack Lannom. This course will heighten your appreciation for every aspect of leadership and will stretch you as a leader. Your notebooks and CD’s (for the auditory learners) will be sent from this office. Your first post will be up on the forum on Monday, May 19th. Looking forward to our journey in learning the values in leadership.

Responsibility – Love the Lost

Let’s recap, so far our acronym “Responsibility

hunter.praying Equip and Train
Next-Generation Leaders
who lead Self well
Influence others
Buy into our vision
Invest time and resources
Love the Lost

God ignited a fire in our hearts last week, let’s keep that fire burning. How about starting your own ELP “Take the City” project or a “TC-HOP” (IHOP) with Harp and Bowl Worship and prayer at your Center?

When David Wilkerson ministered to the gangs on the streets of New York in 1958, he met Nicky Cruz, assistant to the president of the Mau Mau gang, who told him after a time of preaching and ministry “Go to Hell, Preacher.” But David’s response was “you don’t think much of me Nicky, but I feel different about you; I love you Nicky.” Nicky said ” you come near me Preacher and I’ll kill you.” David was moved with great compassion, gentleness and patience  and these words rolled off his tongue “you could cut me in a thousand pieces and lay them out in the street and every piece would love you” (C&S, p. 72). This is the depth of love our students need. Our students come to us because nobody loves them. Most of them did not experience unconditional love from their mother or father while they were growing up therefore they searched for love in all the wrong places. It is the unconditional love that we received through Jesus Christ that will make the difference in our students’ lives. Prior to their encounter with God, all they knew was conditional love but we can show them the unconditional love of God when they walk through our doors.

Last Saturday while we did our Take the City outreach, I realized how much the enemy is using drugs and lies to blind the eyes of people from receiving God’s love. When we invited one lady to leave her lifestyle and come with us to our Women’s Center, she said “I can’t do that to my “family” (other addicts). I confronted her with the question; “on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, how much do you love your friends? 10. When asked the same question about God she responded “I can’t say that, I don’t even want to say that.” Although she professed to know God and pray to Him every day, she realized she loved her friends more than she loved God.

As staff we have to model unconditional love for our students. As Christ has loved us, so also we must love one another (John 13:34, NIV). David Wilkerson came to the realization years ago that “they’ve (drug addicts) got to start over again, and they’ve got to be surrounded by love” (C&S, p. 60). Pray that God gives you a burden for the 250 million drug addicts all over the world and ask Him how we can bring hope within reach of every addict.

Blessings, Andree
ELP Training coach

ELP Summit 2013 – Recap

Emerging LEaders PRogramOur team can truly say that this year’s ELP Summit was the best we have ever had in these last 8 years. The theme this year was, “The DNA of Leadership.” During the event we had panel discussions that were all hosted by Dave Batty who began working with Teen Challenge in 1968 as a college student. Our panels had speakers with 20+ years of Teen Challenge experience. We were privileged to have Mike and Kay Zello who actually began working with David Wilkerson from the very beginnings of Teen Challenge in Brooklyn, NY.

Not only were the 116 ELP participants able to glean from all the discussions in the panels but they were also given a time to practice the 1st DNA strand of Prayer from the very beginning of our event. After the first panel discussion we had an amazing time of worship and prayer for over two hours! At the end of the meeting God released a great freedom into the room as all the participants and speakers began to cry out and dance in worship before the Lord. We could tell from the very first session that God planned to really pour out his Spirit at the event and give vision to each and every Emerging Leader!

“The energy on Thursday morning when we started was absolutely amazing.”

– Dr. Jerry Nance, President of Global Teen Challenge

Thursday afternoon we had an activity with all our participants split into 14 different
teams. During that time they had to work together as a team to build an altar out of wood and different supplies they were given. The teams looked into scripture for direction and wisdom as they built their altars and then at the end a panel of judges voted on the best altar based on the teams explanation of the symbology behind the different elements of their altars. The activity was inspired by the need for our organization to rebuild the altars of prayer and evangelism that Teen Challenge was originally founded upon.

During our Vision Night we had Dr. Jerry Nance share about the exciting vision of Global Teen Challenge to “put hope within reach of every addict.” We also had a Skype session with a staff member from TC Ukraine and heard reports from mission trips that Teen Challenge programs had taken overseas. Friday night we had our graduation for all of our ELP Level I and II graduates. Afterwards we heard an unforgettable commencement sermon from Mike Zello and had a time of prayer and ministry.

On Saturday morning we had a time of worship and evangelism training before we sent over 130 people to 14 different outreach locations in the city of Columbus, GA. During that time we saw at least 3 participants baptized in the Holy Spirit and many others touched by the amazing love and power of God. After the time of ministry we released the participants and team leaders to do a wide variety of things in the city like: homeless ministry, elderly ministry, kids outreaches, cleaning projects and even prayer ministry in different places all over the city. We saw hundreds of lives impacted and several people accepted Christ!

Truly it was an unforgettable event and our entire team cannot wait to see what God has in store for next year!

What are your favorite memories from this year’s ELP Summit? (share in comments below)