At our recent ELP Summit we looked at each of the “strands” of “TC DNA” -where you see the DNA in our heritage, and how TC Gen Next must be carriers of this DNA into our future. But actually we can’t claim this DNA as exclusively ours. Study any move of God throughout history and you’ll see evidence of this DNA. It probably started with prayer, the Gospel was proclaimed, the work of the Spirit was evident, etc. You might have noticed there is an intentional order to the “DNA sequencing”… So this means two things 1) it’s best that we not attempt any “genetic engineering” with our DNA, and 2) so that Teen Challenge might remain a move of God, He is zealous to make it impossible for us to forget our DNA.Emerging Leaders Program 2013 Summit

The book of Deuteronomy is a great example of God making it impossible to forget something. The book itself is a repeat of what you can read in the first 4 books of the Bible. As you read through it several phrases are repeated over and over again, up to 40 times! Phrases such as “don’t forget”, “remember”, “keep” and “be careful” or “take care”. For instance, “don’t forget that you were slaves in Egypt”, “remember what the Lord did for you in the wilderness”, “keep all the words of this law”, “be careful to obey”… You can imagine people in the crowd listening to Moses that day thinking that he had finally gone senile and couldn’t remember that he had already said something…37 times. But if you think of the context of that day, no one was taking notes on their iPad or getting the mp3 downloads after the message, so repetition was the key to remembering.

We don’t have those constraints today, but while the Israelites weren’t bombarded by multiple media sources competing for their attention, the problem for us is on the other end of the spectrum: we’re surrounded by a lot of noise. Not only that, the challenge for TC Gen Next is that the spirit of anti-Christ is an increasingly formidable force in the earth bringing deception and distraction with it. This is why the Emerging Leaders Program must be as intentional, and repetitive, as Moses in cultivating the TC DNA in our leadership culture. So let us know when you feel like the ELP has become senile, that means our communication is starting to come through! So ELP’ers, don’t forget how the Lord led David Wilkerson and our TC pioneers these last 55 years, and take care to keep the DNA alive in your leadership and in your center!

DNA Descriptors – Click here to see the 7 DNA Strands

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