Level II – July 2013

Core Courses

We are just about half way through our core course Values in Leadership and I have heard nothing but great things about the Lannom materials. Andrew (ELP Office) shared how the course has impacted his life to make his personal vision and mission statements which give him greater focus. Chuck (West Florida) also shared on the impact it has made on him to be responsible. He has never seen a course lay out leadership in such a systematic way.

Great insights on the discussion board leaders. I encourage you to cultivate this culture of leadership in your centers. ┬áHere is what Derrick (Ozark’s) shared about Destiny this week:

The way that I can relate the first four leadership strategies in leadership is first to share with the students what I believe and why. I believe that when we share what we believe and why, then it gives the student a chance to explore what I have shared and sets a foundation for growth. Vision is probably my favorite of the success strategies. This is exciting for me and for the students. Getting to be the one casting vision for the future of the students that I work with is so rewarding for me because I get to watch them get excited about the future. I believe that if you give them a vision for their lives, the current struggles they are dealing with no longer seem like struggles because they have something to look forward to.” – Derrick Gilbert.
As always, looking forward to chat with you on the discussion board.

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