Responsibility – Yoked up with a Mentor-Coach

The vision of the Emerging Leaders Program is to identify, equip and train emerging leaders who aspire to greater levels of responsibility within Teen Challenge. Since the past several months we have been looking at our ELP core value responsibility:

Equip and Train
ext-Generation Leaders
who lead Self well
nfluence others
uy into our vision
nvest time and resources
ove the Lost
nspire others to action
reat others with dignity

and are Yoked-up with a mentor/coach

This concept of being yoked-up with someone else is God’s heart and Greg Hammond’s desire for a peer culture in Teen Challenge. As we continue to look at our call to raise up sons and daughters, we see in Jeremiah 23:4 the Lord’s promise to Israel “I will also raise up shepherd-leaders [servant leaders] over them and they will tend them; and they will not be afraid any longer, nor be terrified, nor will any be missing,” declares the Lord” (NASB). To yoke is “to join, to couple, to link or to unite” such as in a pair of draft animals fastened together by a yoke” A son or daughter is always yoked-up with someone else; they are yoked up with Christ first and then a mentor, coach or disciple – someone who will walk alongside and disciple them so that none will be missing from the fold.

Greg describes it this way:

As a leader, you always need a person; someone who can cast vision for your life and help you reach your destiny. Our leaders learn who they are in Christ (identity), what they have (covenant promises) and where they are to go (destiny) through discipleship. Accountability won’t let you stay where you are. From the on-set our new students are peered with a student leader (an intern, a big brother or a big sister) who offers understanding and lend support to help them think right about the journey and stay the course. We are preparing leaders from the word “go” because everything is preparing them to go to work in the kingdom.”

Our student leaders are also peered with senior leaders who can offer the same support, care and accountability they give to the students. The Rep as a Shepherd-leader tend to sons and daughters – they feed, nurture and lay down their lives for their sheep. At TC we coach, mentor and support our emerging leaders to be the best leader they can be.What is the one-thing you can do today for your sons and daughters? How about helping them to get yoked-up with a mentor or coach? It could be a TC staff, a pastor, a youth leader, a local business person – someone with whom they have established a relationship, who have taken interest in their destiny and can spend time with them. What would happen if each one tend one?

“Teamwork is what makes common people capable of uncommon results.”
~ Pat Summitt

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