Rep’s Link – Mar 2016

Level I Adult

Our new course starting Mar 15th is Knowing and Understanding God and our text: Experiencing God by Blackaby, Blackaby and King. God is inviting you to experience Him in an intimate love relationship through which He reveals to you His will, His ways, His work. Through the biblical principles in this course, God can teach you how to:

  1. Know when He is speaking to you
  2. Recognize His activity around you
  3. Adjust your life to Him and His ways
  4. Identify what He wants to do through you
  5. Respond to His activity in your life

When you recognize where God is working you can join Him in what He is doing. Then you will experience God doing through you what only He can do. The ISBN # is 9781415858387.

Level I Adolescent

Our course for the Adolescent track is Discover your God-given Gifts and the text: Congratulations! You’re Gifted! by Doug Fields & Erik Rees. Your students will discover the place where their God-given passions and strengthens intersect, and find the way they’re designed to serve. They’ll learn about their SHAPE – “S-piritual Gifts,” “H-eart,” “A-bilities,” “P-ersonality,” and “E-xperiences.” They’ll stop serving because that’s what they’re “supposed” to do and start serving from the depths of their heart and soul because it’s what they were created to do.

Monthly Book Orders and Grades

Southeast region Rep’s can go to Google Drive and search for ELP Monthly Order Form and Grade Sheet Edited. Look for your center’s name in the tabs at the bottom and fill in your information. No need to save or email the spreadsheet (Google Drive saves it and we can access the info from my Drive). If you place an initial order on the form and update the order later (i.e. add 2 more books) after we have ordered your books, please send to me at All new applications must be in by the 10th of the month for students starting the 15th.


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