December – ELP Highlight

Name:  Debbie Provost

Age: Forever Young with Sparkle!

Hometown:  Phoenix, AZ

Teen Challenge Center:  LGA

Brief Testimony:  When I was younger, I grew up in the church as my parents were Sunday School teachers; but as time passed and I grew up, rebellion, alcohol & drugs; and the negative influencers took over my life and I fell away from the church and God.  After years of chasing the wrong things, hitting rock bottom in a very dark place in mental, physical and emotional pain; I cried out and demanded God show up and take all the pain away. My cry was actually for Him to end it all; but instead, He gave me a new beginning.  I learned that He had never left me, and that He had always been there trying to get my attention back. He met me in the darkest time of my life and His presence was so strong; I began chasing after Jesus again and I don’t plan on stopping.

What is the vision and calling that God has given you?  God has given me the ability to be a good listener and hear what others have to say when they feel no one else is listening.  He has also given me the inspiration to speak His words into their lives so they see God first in everything they do.

How has the ELP Program impacted you?  It encourages me to want to be challenged, after all when we are challenged, we are able to grow and learn.

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