Main Article – Rapid Distraction

By: Bryan Sampson

I have always been fascinated with how God can use natural wonders to show us spiritual and immaterial truths. Truths that help us gain greater insights into ourselves and into His character (Rom 1:20). The other day I was walking by the river here in Columbus and the rapids were raging. After marveling at the beautiful fury, I began to wonder “what could possibly be going on underneath all of those waves?” I then began to think about how my life is very similar to those rapids. On the top, it can be so busy, so much going on, that it would mimic the rushing white water. Go, go, go! No time to do any self-reflection or to nurture and care for my internal parts. The rapids get all the focus.

When the busyness of life takes center stage, our awareness of what is going on internally can easily drift away. Our lives can easily become roaring rapids, with so much external commotion going on that our inner life begins to be neglected. Paul makes clear that our spirit is in danger of being contaminated (2 Cor. 7:1). When the externals of your life gain more attention than the internal, you will try to manage your brokenness by adjusting and rearranging the externals in your life (Witt, 2018). This only turns a smooth river into white water, as you head for disaster.

I encourage you today to take time to find a quiet place, to do some self-reflection with just you and your Heavenly Father. Don’t miss these God-given opportunities to engage in peaceful personal reflection. These are the moments that keep you healthy, humble, and strengthened to continue to do the job God has set forth. Remember the best gift you can give your spouse, family, and team is a healthy you (Witt, 2018 p. 39).

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