Main Article – Focused Execution

By Tyler Graeff

Management has caught a bad “rap” overtime, especially in reference to micromanaging. When someone choses whether they want to be considered a leader or a manager, most people would want to be known as a leader. Leaders cast vision while a manager is a key person to execute this vision. A leader may be credited with a successful vision being casted, while a manger may be somebody working behind the scenes executing the vision and gaining organizational traction. Within the kingdom of God, good managers are a necessity. Within the ministry, it’s important to know what direction we are heading but also know how we are going to execute and move forward.

What can slow progress and cause your team to lose focus? Squirrels. Everyone jokes about chasing squirrels or rabbits but in all reality they can slowly derail progress on a project or shift our perspective off of what matters most, vision. Ministry can be fast-paced, demanding and rigorous work. Focusing on our priorities, empowering the right people and staying committed to the task at hand can be preventatives for the everyday squirrels that show up at some of the most inconvenient times.

Upon reflection on chapters 11and 12 in High Impact Teams, we can receive a few key takeaways. Management does not have to have a bad “rap”. Within an organization with vision and purpose, having those on your team to execute said vision is crucial. Managers are important. Squirrels cause us to lose focus.  Having priorities in the forefront of our vision helps us not get distracted by squirrels and having the right people in place to tend to squirrels when they show up help us stay focused.

Let us pray today for the ability to stay focused and execute the vision that the Lord has given us as we put hope within reach!

TF Highlight

Name: Tyler Graeff

Age: 28 years old

Hometown: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Teen Challenge Center: Orlando, January 2017

Brief Testimony: I entered the doors of teen challenge lost, broken and hopeless, living a life of addiction and depression. After trying multiple rehabs, medications, counselors, arrests, and different recovery programs, I had exhausted all my options in the world. I cried out to Jesus and asked him into my heart the second week of my program. At that moment my life shifted, from darkness to light. I encountered Jesus and everything in my life changed. He set me free from addiction, depression, diagnosed PTSD and has called me to preach the gospel and stand in the gap for the lost.

What do you enjoy most about your role? I enjoy watching the Lord develop leaders around me. Seeing our guys grow in their leadership roles and responsibilities is a joy as God raises up the next generation of leadership. It’s an honor to serve God as the TF in Orlando.

Why do you feel that leadership and training are valuable? God needs soldiers for His army and kingdom. Training is essential to be equipped to pursue the higher calling each one of us has in the Lord. Without training or a plan, we can be rendered ineffective as ministers.

Participant Hightlight

Name: Joshua Kreacic

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio.

Age: 28 years old

Teen Challenge Program: Orlando, 2018

Testimony: I have experienced the unfailing love, and mercy of God that I can only attempt to put in words. Drug addiction and the devastating ripple effect it has on those around seemed to be the norm of my reality growing up. My biological father had deceased from an overdose and was never given an opportunity to meet him and eventually was told the truth in high school that my Dad was not my biological father. Betrayal, abandonment, and identity issues were deep issues I couldn’t seem to cover up. Overdoses, jails, and multiple rehabs were all apart of my story with God’s grace and love disguised in everyone. My life was taken back by the love of Jesus when God pursued me after the two recent tragic losses of my mother and brother from both drug-related incidents. Today, I walk in the forgiveness, and freedom from the tormenting lies I receive through Christ with no shame of what I have done because he has used to it help bring others the same forgiveness and new beginnings by being places others have been.

Vision and Calling: God has given me the vision to continue with Teen Challenge and to further my education, better equipping me with experience and tools to bring those shackled in sin to the freedom of a new life.

How has ELP Impacted you? The ELP program has brought ample awareness to characteristics of myself, good and bad, that can be sharpened to bring forth effective discipleship. From identifying other’s character traits, confronting potential failures, to establishing necessary boundaries are all essential to be the most effective leader here at Teen Challenge, as well as one of my God-given heart desires of being the most efficient leader of my household I can be.