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By Tyler Graeff and Bryan Sampson

While reading through the gospels I can’t help but notice how intentional Jesus was with connecting with people. Time and time again in the word, we see Jesus interacting with one person in front of him, i.e. the demoniac, the woman at the well, the lame man, and countless more. Jesus was intentional and personable with the person in front of Him. I am challenged in my own walk to be the same. How often I have been guilty of being on my phone or checking emails when out to dinner with friends or in the presence of good company or even being inquired upon by an intern or student. Today it is all too common to be in an important conversation or meeting and being challenged to remain fully present and engaged with those in the room.

Witt (2018) emphasizes the need to embrace the skill of in-person (incarnational) conversation. This is what God did by becoming incarnate in Jesus Christ. We must be present with those we are in conversation with face-to-face. Focus on the person in the room, give them your full attention.  And if you must take a text message or incoming call, apologize and ask permission to do so.

Texting and emails are a great blessing for communication; however, many times we can misread the delivery one uses to communicate. Many times I have read an email and thought that a person was being harsh with me, when the complete opposite was being communicated by the sender. When conflict needs resolving, it is best to do this in person (incarnational) rather than through technology.

Technology can be a blessing when it is used to glorify God, we just don’t want it to cause us to become so impersonal that people do not feel the love and connection from us and the God who lives within us. Let’s challenge ourselves to become more like Christ, so people experience the incarnational love of Christ through us. Jesus sets the example of what it looks like when another person is in our company. Are we giving that person the attention they need? Are we being intentional to create space and distance from technology, considering all of the ministering and training opportunities presented to us?

Let us pray today that God will give us the discernment and the power to use technology and build personal relationships in a way that brings him the most glory.

Participant Highlight July

Name: Tony Henderson

Age: 38

Hometown: Cottondale

Brief testimony:  I was raised in a Christian home but rebelled against the word of God by falling into a life of sex and partying, but one day I became tired and asked God to CHANGE ME. It was at that point He picked me up and since that point, God has transformed my whole life and has awoken the city in my soul.  I live now to do his will not my will.

What is the vision and calling that God has given you? To minister to the lost and help bring restoration to families.

How has the ELP Program impacted you?  It has shed light on some issues to help change mindsets and mentalities.

TF Highlight July

Name: Vicky Syfrett

Age: 61

Hometown: I am a Mississippi girl but have lived in North West Florida for the past 26 years.

Teen Challenge Center: June 1st this year, I will have been at West Florida Teen Challenge in Bonifay for 20 years.

Brief Testimony: I was raised in a Christian home but rebelled as a teen. Life spiraled downward until the only place I had to look was up. After the death of a dear friend, and myself not expecting to live to see the age of 30, I realized God was my only hope. At age 29, on March 1, 1986, I allowed the Lord to take control of my heart. Not just my heart but my eyes, ears, mouth, feet and hands. To go where HE said go and do whatever HE said to do. From that day my life has been one amazing journey. And I thank God, that He saw fit to allow me to minister at Teen Challenge and that HE isn’t finished with me yet!

What do you enjoy most about your role? As many in TC ministry, I have several roles. I enjoy working one on one with Middle school boys as a Facilitator and Dean of Students in our Learning Center. I assumed the role of Training Facilitator several years ago while keeping up with student and staff PSNC’s, GSNC’s and CEU’s. I love photography, Crafts, Bible Journaling, reading and working with and encouraging all to pursue continued training.

Why do you feel that leadership and training are valuable?  There is nothing worse than being given a task to do and not knowing why or how to accomplish it. Training is so important, not only to the staff but also for the student being ministered to. True Leadership is important.  Those following can see that you are responsible for people and things under your care. Work unto the Lord.