10th Anniversary of ELP

This April we celebrate 10 years of the ELP! The Emerging Leaders Program was envisioned in 2005 by Dr. Jerry Nance in response to this prayer: “God, where can Teen Challenge get the leaders needed to reach the growing addicted population – leaders who will be carriers of the Teen Challenge DNA?” The reply from heaven: “you’ve got to raise them up!” The intent of the ELP is to raise up servant leaders within Teen Challenge relative to our heritage, mission, DNA and guiding principles.

Teen Challenge owes a great deal to our pioneering leaders who modeled for us faith and obedience. Without precedent, but through the Holy Spirit’s sovereign instruction, they shaped a Christ-centered model and philosophy of ministry which continues to facilitate life-transformation for people with life-controlling problems across every continent. However, the world today is very different than it was in 1958 and more than ever Teen Challenge needs leaders who will commit and become equipped to put hope within reach of every addict.

In 2008, at the 50th anniversary celebration of Teen Challenge, one of our pioneers – Don Wilkerson – gave an exhortation to Teen Challenge. He said there are 3 generations in Teen Challenge: the “Pioneer Generation”, the “Bridge Generation”, and “Generation Next”. As we enter into the next 50 years of Teen Challenge, Don Wilkerson tasked the Bridge Generation to ensure that the heritage, the lessons learned and the principles of the Pioneer Generation are passed on to Generation Next. As an ELP participant, no matter what demographic generation you fall into, you make up the ranks of “Gen Next” in TC! The ELP is a “bridge tool” engineered to faithfully facilitate the hand-off from our pioneers. And as every generation becomes established in the DNA of Teen Challenge, they join the ranks of the Bridge Generation to raise up those coming after them.

At this 10th Anniversary ELP Summit we are going to learn how to be “Bridge Builders”! With God’s help, and with leaders of passion and calling who are committed to preserving the DNA of Teen Challenge, we can’t wait to see what God is going to do in our day!

ELP Highlight – Elissa

Elissa[1]Name: Elissa Hollingsworth

Age: 39

Hometown: Starke, Fl.

Which Center/What Year did you Graduate: Davie Women’s Center / Graduated June 1st 2013

My Testimony in Brief: I had a difficult childhood- living in an environment with domestic abuse and alcoholism. My father left home when I was 8 years old leaving me feeling rejected and angry. Soon I began hanging with the wrong crowds, drinking, smoking marijuana and ultimately IV drug use. My lifestyle landed me in prison twice. One day desperate for change I cried out to God knowing I could no longer do it on my own. God answered my prayer and gave me the opportunity to come to Teen Challenge where He has transformed my life.

The Purpose and Calling God has Given Me: God has placed on my heart to share with others the great work He has done in my life and the hope He has given me.

The ELP’s Impact on My Leadership: This program has taught me how to be a team player and it has also shown me my strengths and weaknesses and has compelled me to become a better leader.

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ELP Summit

Registration is now CLOSED for the ELP Summit Apr 23-25. Be on the lookout for the final details in the ELP Summit e-memos.


This month we welcome Sean Lee (Jax) to the Level II. Sean is a graduate of “The Farm” in Rehersburg back in the 80’s! I’m looking forward to work with you and see how God matures you and your leadership over the next few months.

Core Courses

Our next Core Course is Conflict Management and our book: The Peacemaker by Ken Sande. Conflict in life, leadership and…ministry?!? What?!? As the saying goes, the best thing about ministry is the people, and the worst thing about ministry is…the people. Conflict happens. A good leader learns to navigate conflict while honoring and preserving relationships.

Your first post will be up on the forum Monday, April 20th.

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ELP Events

Registration is now CLOSED for the ELP Summit, April 23-25. Be on the lookout for the final details in the ELP Summit e-memos.

Level I Adult

This month our core course is Personal Boundaries and our text: Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud. This book is a must read for any human living on planet earth! Your Level I participants will find this book meaty and challenging but it will rock their world! This is why we give 2 MONTHS to allow participants to complete this course – giving them time to reflect on the health of their boundaries and apply Dr. Cloud’s practical and wise principles. You will have great discussions in your weekly ELP meetings!

Level I Adolescent

Our course for the Adolescent track is Servant Leadership and our text: Habitudes #1 – The Art of Self-Leadership by Dr. Tim Elmore. The images Dr. Elmore provides are memorable and powerful in conveying key leadership principles. We want to communicate to our student that In the ELP, leadership starts with leading yourself well – do that and others will want to follow.

Monthly Book Orders and Grades

Southeast region Rep’s can go to Google Drive and search for ELP Monthly Order Form and Grade Sheet Edited. Look for your center’s name in the tabs at the bottom and fill in your center’s information. No need to save or email the spreadsheet (Google Drive saves it and I can access the info from my Drive). If you place an initial order on the form and update the order later (i.e. add 2 more books) after we have ordered your books, please send Kerry Pevey (ELP Admin Asst) an email at kerry.pevey@teenchallenge.cc. Blessings! Come on Reps, get your stuff in on time, I know you can do it!

Revival On the River – Unity Night

Revival on the River was an event that was held in the Chattahoochee Valley area on Friday April 25th at the Phenix City Amphitheater. When we originally began planning the outreach for the ELP Summit in 2013 we had an idea of putting on a single large event and this is what came from that original idea. I don’t think any of us who did the planning from the beginning had any idea of what God was going to do as we simply moved forward into the doors he began to open. That Friday afternoon during the ELP Summit it was so exciting to see a whole convoy of ELP “troops” heading to get things ready for this event. We all were excited for a chance to serve the area and were anticipating that God was going to do something extraordinary!Revival on the river daytime


That night we saw between 2-3000 people from all over the area fill the amphitheater for a night of family fun, music and free Chickfila. It was so exciting for everyone to see so many people come to the event. We had both of the Mayors from the area come and share. We also had a Teen Challenge choir sing and Dr. Jerry Nance share with the crowd about Teen Challenge.  Throughout the night we had different local worship teams playing and also a singing group, a dance team and also local hip-hop group.

Revival on the RiverOur ELP participants helped to staff many of the different areas through the night and played a major part in making the event a success! They helped give out the food, picked up trash, prayed for people at our prayer tents, assisted backstage and helped gather everyone onto the bridge over the river for a Unity Bridge Lighting with 3500 glowsticks. It was amazing how all of our ELP participants simply served this community during this event and made a great impression for Teen Challenge.

During the altar call we had a large group from the ELP summit who came to serve as our altar team. This team did an amazing job praying for people and leading many people to Christ for the very first time. We saw many people saved, healed and delivered from various issues. As our team prayed for one lady her right ear that had been deaf was popped open and she actually began to hear. The first word she heard out of that ear was “Jesus” as one of our participants whispered into her newly healed ear! It was astounding how many miracles and salvations happened as God ministered powerfully through our participants.

Revival on the River

This event was the outreach that we were able to partner with this year during out ELP Summit. It was an event that not only impacted thousands of lives in the Chattahoochee Valley area but also all of our participants. Many of them shared testimonies later of all God had done and confessed they no believed God for even great things. The heart of our event this year was to see a TC Army be raised up to reach the nations for Christ and I really believe that during this event a lot of our participants saw just the beginnings of what God wants to do through each of them!

God is releasing vision into our ministry that we are about so much more than just getting people to stop doing bad things. He is pulling people out of the darkness and into his marvelous light to impact the nations of the earth for His glory. He is raising up a generation of soldiers from Teen Challenge programs that will be fearless evangelists and bold prayer warriors.  I believe that this is just the beginning of many more exciting things to come not only during future ELP Summits but through Teen Challenge programs worldwide.Revival on the River

-Andrew Chalmers



For those who came to the ELP Summit, how did this event impact you personally?

Strengthen your Net

God has given each of us passions and desires for bigger and greater things so that we never remain stagnant or feel like our lives are without purpose. He has placed things inside each of us that are much bigger than any of us could accomplish without His help. There is an amazing story from the book of John that teaches us a bit about being prepared for those dreams that he has given us. God does give us great vision but only wants us to step into that when we are actually ready.


In Matthew 4 Jesus begins to call the disciples. In return for laying down their fishing nets He told them that they could come with him to fish for people. After his resurrection there is also another amazing story centered on fishing that is recorded in John 21. In this story the disciples are found fishing after Jesus has risen from the dead. They did not recognize him at first but after following his instructions their nets began to fill with probably more fish than they had ever caught at one time in their entire lives. When they obeyed Jesus they experienced a supernatural favor and blessing.

When they return to the shore (John 21:10-11) the Disciples were asked by Jesus to bring their fish to Him. We are always meant to bring the things that Jesus blesses us with, whether resources or people, to Him. All of it is meant for HIS glory and never for our own. We get to partake and enjoy of this amazing abundance but we need to remember its always intended to be handed right back to him.

When they got back to the shore their nets were completely filled with fish but for some reason the nets did not break. The verse mentions an exact number, 153, that they caught. I believe the number was mentioned because had there been 154 the nets would have broken. The number is significant because Jesus only allowed them to catch what they could handle. What would have been the value of this blessing had they gotten to shore and as they pulled the net out of the water it busted and all the fish just swam back into the sea? He never intends for us to catch more than our nets can handle.

The number of fish in this story can represent each of our dreams and passions. They represent what God may entrust us with whether it may be people, possessions or some great position.  God may have given us vision for a huge ministry, or a thriving business but what I believe he wants us to focus on is the NET and not the quantity of fish. He wants us to be sure we have the capacity for the vision that he has placed in our hearts.


The disciples were called in an instant to follow Christ and become fishers of men. But before they could catch the fish they had to make their nets. They had to take their time sitting and sewing each piece together and tying different places together. They had to invest time day after day to ensure that when the time came they would be able to handle whatever catch God had planned for them. Most people want to focus on their huge ambitions and make a nice looking plan of bullet points of how to get there but few want to go through the grueling work of preparing their character to be in that position one day.  Radical encounters with the Spirit of God can propel us into our destiny but only intentional effort to grow can give us the discipline that will ensure we are capable of withstanding the pressure of all that God wants to place in our nets.

Some people feel like their grand visions are vain or are something that they should not express so they choose to never talk about them or focus on them. This can sometimes be a person practicing false humility. The enemy wants to pervert our dreams and make it all about us. He wants us to forget that the whole reason we catch the fish is so that we can pull them out with our nets and take them to Jesus. We need to embrace our grand visions with great humility and set our hearts to let the Holy Spirit give us the character we need to achieve them.  In the same way that God gave all of creation natural sexual desires to ensure pro-creation, so did He give us these dreams to expand and grow His Kingdom. We have the ideas because God has placed them in each of our hearts so that we will pursue them with great passion!

Instead of asking Jesus for more fish, we really need to be asking him for a stronger net. We need to ask him for more patience, more character, more holiness, more desire to fast and pray and for more integrity. When we ask God for these things then we don’t have to worry about working to achieve a greater anointing or to grow our ministries. The growth will come quite naturally as we sit and sew our nets. The increase will always come as we abide (John 15) in the love of Jesus and allow him to mold us and shape us. We don’t have to strive or try to force it to happen.

Then one day Jesus will look at each of us, when he knows our nets are ready, and ask us to throw the net in one more time. We may have tried already many times with not much success but at this moment we will step into His shalom. We will enter into His peace and prosperity as we walk in maturity and obedience. One of my greatest fears is that I will walk through life with such a weak net that God never sees that I have the capacity to handle anything greater. Let us all be sure that we will have our nets strong and ready so that we can handle the amazing plans that He has for each of us.

Andrew Chalmers

ELP Webinar 12/20

We are so excited to announce that our next ELP Revolutionized Leadership webinar is scheduled for December 20th at 10am. We do this monthly training for Teen Challenge staff and students all over the country. This is a great place that you can get valuable information on how to lead better and also get to interact with other leaders around the USA. We love to welcome Teen Challenge staff, interns, students and also anyone interested in joining us for leadership training!

Revolutionized Leadership Emerging Leaders Program

This month we will be talking about: “Change: An Uphill Climb.”



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This is a lightweight and very fashionable t-shirt – One of the core values of the ELP is “Servant Leadership”. In Matthew 20, Jesus is explaining this new concept of leadership. When Jesus said, “Not so with you”, he was telling the disciples that they were going to have to encounter a shift in thinking if they were to be successful. Later on in the same conversation, Jesus resolves this obscure idea by saying, “…just as the Son of Man did not come to be serve, but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many…”


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ELP Highlight October 2013

emerging leaders program My name is Jessica Jacobsen. I’m 36 years old, and I’m from Haughton Louisiana. I work at Mount Grace for Women. I’ve been a staff member here since September 2012. I graduated from Mount Grace on September 15th 2012. I came to Mount Grace addicted, hopeless, broken, and searching for more. Within a month of being here, I had a supernatural encounter with Jesus Christ that radically transformed me from the inside out. God has called me to teach, and I am currently the Dean of Students here. He has recently given me a desire to counsel as well, and I’m currently pursuing that. Without the ELP program, I wouldn’t have had a model to go by. This program, along with the example my leaders set, is teaching me how to be an effective leader.

When Discouragement Follows

As leaders we are always working with groups of people to achieve some common greater goal that we (hopefully) believe in. We invest a lot of time and energy into events, raising up people and making sure that things go as well as they possibly can. We pray that our efforts would be blessed and pour our own blood, sweat and tears into all that God has called us. Sometimes after all of our hard work we finish a project, have our big event or come to some point where we can look back and be thankful for all that God has done. Though there may be a mountain of things to be thankful for, all we can think about are the disappointments and the little things that didn’t quite go as well as we wanted. It can be bittersweet even after a great victory where we have seen great results or lives drastically transformed!


We can sometimes find that its right after our greatest victories that we feel discouraged and experience great failures as a leader. This is typically because those are the times that we are the most exhausted and vulnerable. This is when our own frailty becomes apparent and when the enemy loves to try and discourage us the most. We have to stay on guard during these times to neither become too prideful or to allow the enemy to bring us to a defeated mindset in the midst of our exhaustion.

The beautiful thing about this state of vulnerability is that it gives us a chance to really view how frail we are and how much we desperately need God. Sometimes things in life will go exceedingly well and at other times they may not go as well as we wanted as a leader. Either way we need to always remember that our ultimate job is to love God and to love others. We are to learn the art of resting in Him in the midst of pursuing the call that He has on our lives with reckless abandonment. It is a balance of passion and dependence on God that we will continue to learn and grow in for the rest of our lives as leaders.

If you are feeling tired and weary just know that God wants you to find your rest in Him today. He doesn’t expect you to accomplish anything outside of Him and doesn’t long for you to accomplish good work for the Kingdom at the expense of your own personal sanity and well being. The first thing he wants to you always prioritize is the first commandment of loving Him and He wants you to always hear him saying, “Abide in Me…” throughout this great adventure that He has you on.

How do you respond to discouragement?