10th Anniversary of ELP

This April we celebrate 10 years of the ELP! The Emerging Leaders Program was envisioned in 2005 by Dr. Jerry Nance in response to this prayer: “God, where can Teen Challenge get the leaders needed to reach the growing addicted population – leaders who will be carriers of the Teen Challenge DNA?” The reply from heaven: “you’ve got to raise them up!” The intent of the ELP is to raise up servant leaders within Teen Challenge relative to our heritage, mission, DNA and guiding principles.

Teen Challenge owes a great deal to our pioneering leaders who modeled for us faith and obedience. Without precedent, but through the Holy Spirit’s sovereign instruction, they shaped a Christ-centered model and philosophy of ministry which continues to facilitate life-transformation for people with life-controlling problems across every continent. However, the world today is very different than it was in 1958 and more than ever Teen Challenge needs leaders who will commit and become equipped to put hope within reach of every addict.

In 2008, at the 50th anniversary celebration of Teen Challenge, one of our pioneers – Don Wilkerson – gave an exhortation to Teen Challenge. He said there are 3 generations in Teen Challenge: the “Pioneer Generation”, the “Bridge Generation”, and “Generation Next”. As we enter into the next 50 years of Teen Challenge, Don Wilkerson tasked the Bridge Generation to ensure that the heritage, the lessons learned and the principles of the Pioneer Generation are passed on to Generation Next. As an ELP participant, no matter what demographic generation you fall into, you make up the ranks of “Gen Next” in TC! The ELP is a “bridge tool” engineered to faithfully facilitate the hand-off from our pioneers. And as every generation becomes established in the DNA of Teen Challenge, they join the ranks of the Bridge Generation to raise up those coming after them.

At this 10th Anniversary ELP Summit we are going to learn how to be “Bridge Builders”! With God’s help, and with leaders of passion and calling who are committed to preserving the DNA of Teen Challenge, we can’t wait to see what God is going to do in our day!

Revolutionalized Leadership Podcast Series 1 of 12

This is the first in our Series of 12 Podcast on Coaching where Cathy Alford (Founder of Life Works Coaching in Columbus, GA) and I talk about “What is Coaching?” You can dowload the audio recording here. Attached  is the PowerPoint slides for this podcast.

ELP Webinar 12/20

We are so excited to announce that our next ELP Revolutionized Leadership webinar is scheduled for December 20th at 10am. We do this monthly training for Teen Challenge staff and students all over the country. This is a great place that you can get valuable information on how to lead better and also get to interact with other leaders around the USA. We love to welcome Teen Challenge staff, interns, students and also anyone interested in joining us for leadership training!

Revolutionized Leadership Emerging Leaders Program

This month we will be talking about: “Change: An Uphill Climb.”



Revolutionized Leadership Webinar

This month we continued the Life Plan Process through coaching on how to listen and ask relevant, powerful questions of your emerging leaders.



Revolutionized Leadership Webinar 11-15-13, 10.18 AM (Converted) from Teen Challenge on Vimeo.

Revolutionized Leadership Webinar

Emerging LEaders PRogram

As we look to the end of a year and the beginning of a new one, we oftentimes reflect on how the year went and what we achieved with the intention of making resolutions next year.

This month, we looked at a very practical way in which we can assess what’s important to us, dream about our future and make the necessary steps towards becoming who God created us to be. I want to encourage you to watch this webinar and follow the steps to create your personal life plan; do your personal Wheel of Life and create your life plan.

Please make your comments in the box below on how helpful or not, this was for you.


Join us this Friday!

Revolutionized Leadership Emerging Leaders Program

This Friday we are so excited to announce that we are having our monthly Revolutionized Leadership Interactive Webinar and you are invited! Each month we have training that is offered to our Emerging Leaders Program reps and leaders through this interactive Webinar. We believe that the purpose of the ELP program is to revolutionize the way they we lead others within the organization of Teen Challenge globally. The purpose of this monthly webinar is to make a global impact upon our programs and ultimately the world around us.

Teen Challenge
This month we are excited to have Greg Hammond, COO of Teen Challenge Southeast Region, joining us! He will talking about the importance of us enriching our culture of the ministries that we lead.In this 45 minutes webinar we will discuss the Teen Challenge culture and environment conducive to raising up sons and daughters of the Spirit.

Friday September 20, 2013 from 10:30 AM to 11:15 AM EDT Add to Calendar

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The ELP Rep as Coach and Mentor

Last month we looked at the ELP Rep as Coach and Mentor. A coach or mentor ensures the emerging leader is yoked-up with a coach or mentor – someone who will get them established in the house (the kingdom). Every person needs a Barnabas – an encourager, an Epaphroditus – someone who will walk side by side with them, and a Timothy – someone who will come and take over from them. To learn more about the benefits of coaching at an organizational level read 020ASTUDYONTHEEFFECTSOFCOACHvarious20012002. As you watch the webinar and read this article, go ahead and post your comments. We would love to hear how a shift to be more of a coach or mentor is impacting your campus.

Emerging LEaders PRogram

The ELP Rep as Shepherd-Leader (Servant Leader)

Emerging LEaders PRogram

Last month in our Revolutionary Leadership Webinar we talked about the ELP Rep as Shepherd-Leader. We were honored to have Steve Morgan, Extension Coordinator at the University of Georgia and a present-day shepherd (Steve has been a shepherd for 14 years!) talk with us about tending sheep. The lessons learned parallels how we as leaders care for followers. Recently, I came across this article by Kent Hodge “Jesus as the Shepherd-Leader” and thought I would share the excerpts with you. As you read the article and listen to the Webinar write a paragraph  on your one “ah-ha” moment. How can you practically apply this principle to your leadership?


Responsibility – Love the Lost

Let’s recap, so far our acronym “Responsibility

hunter.praying Equip and Train
Next-Generation Leaders
who lead Self well
Influence others
Buy into our vision
Invest time and resources
Love the Lost

God ignited a fire in our hearts last week, let’s keep that fire burning. How about starting your own ELP “Take the City” project or a “TC-HOP” (IHOP) with Harp and Bowl Worship and prayer at your Center?

When David Wilkerson ministered to the gangs on the streets of New York in 1958, he met Nicky Cruz, assistant to the president of the Mau Mau gang, who told him after a time of preaching and ministry “Go to Hell, Preacher.” But David’s response was “you don’t think much of me Nicky, but I feel different about you; I love you Nicky.” Nicky said ” you come near me Preacher and I’ll kill you.” David was moved with great compassion, gentleness and patience  and these words rolled off his tongue “you could cut me in a thousand pieces and lay them out in the street and every piece would love you” (C&S, p. 72). This is the depth of love our students need. Our students come to us because nobody loves them. Most of them did not experience unconditional love from their mother or father while they were growing up therefore they searched for love in all the wrong places. It is the unconditional love that we received through Jesus Christ that will make the difference in our students’ lives. Prior to their encounter with God, all they knew was conditional love but we can show them the unconditional love of God when they walk through our doors.

Last Saturday while we did our Take the City outreach, I realized how much the enemy is using drugs and lies to blind the eyes of people from receiving God’s love. When we invited one lady to leave her lifestyle and come with us to our Women’s Center, she said “I can’t do that to my “family” (other addicts). I confronted her with the question; “on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, how much do you love your friends? 10. When asked the same question about God she responded “I can’t say that, I don’t even want to say that.” Although she professed to know God and pray to Him every day, she realized she loved her friends more than she loved God.

As staff we have to model unconditional love for our students. As Christ has loved us, so also we must love one another (John 13:34, NIV). David Wilkerson came to the realization years ago that “they’ve (drug addicts) got to start over again, and they’ve got to be surrounded by love” (C&S, p. 60). Pray that God gives you a burden for the 250 million drug addicts all over the world and ask Him how we can bring hope within reach of every addict.

Blessings, Andree
ELP Training coach