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6 thoughts on “ELP SUMMIT 2014

  1. The DNA of Teen Challenge is legacy. We don’t alter it but we birth like Jesus was birthed through Mary. We get filled and pregnant with the Holy Spirit and birth a walking, talking, spirit of God that touches everyone it comes in contact with. DNA is strange is spreads everywhere by sneezing, coughing scratching, anything that overflows form the inside comes out.

  2. Our DNA is static and principled, rooted in the unchanging Word of God. We also have that Voice behind us saying “this is the way, walk in it.” As a result we remain effectively, wholly dynamic in a way that defies human reasoning! What a wonderfully counterintuitive Kingdom we are a part of!

  3. That is so true! Thanks so much for sharing Justin and thanks so much for saying, “Yes” to the call!

  4. My husband and I are retired pastors here in Eagle Point, Oregon (near Medford). We have gone through much with our son and his girl friend, who are heroin addicts, now getting into a recovery program.

    There is a great amount of drug related addictions in our area, so we are wondering where to start to try to open up a TC center in our area. We know many of the pastors and ministries in our area, and feel such a heavy burden to help. Furthermore, we feel God may be calling us to this. We have experienced great heartache over our son and his girlfriend, and wish God to use us to help others.

    If there is a curriculum or training, please email me the information. Thank you and God Bless.

    Melba Reimer

  5. Hey Melba,

    Thanks for contacting with us. I’ll ask Andrew Chalmers and Jason Easter who are developing new TC outreaches in cities in the U.S. to connect with you. expect an email from them.

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