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Current Course

This month we start a new core course called Ethics and Integrity and our text: IntegrityIntegrity PIC by Dr. Henry Cloud. Integrity is more that simple honesty; it is the key to major successes. This book seeks to answer the question why some people, no matter what the circumstances, are able to pull everything together to have success. The study helps develop the six qualities of character that define integrity. According to the writer, talent and brains may help, but the real factor is the makeup of the person. All of us can grow fruitful relationships and achieve our purpose, mission and goals.

Your first post for Integrity will be up on the discussion forum by Tuesday, December 19th. 

Reminder: Please submit your Study Guides for Ordering Your Private World to the ELP office, by December 31st. 

Level II – Mar 2016


This month we welcome John Powell and Kori Briscoe (Hope Outreach, Columbia, SC) to the Level II!. Both leaders are graduates of the Emerging Leaders College and are now serving at our Hope Outreach in SC. Welcome guys! Thank you for answering the call of God on your lives and for being a student of your call. The lessons we can learn in leadership never ends. Looking forward to walk this journey with you.


Congratulations Becca Price, Women at the Well, PA for completing the Level II! Congratulations to Mike Spivey, Jacksonville for moving on to your electives!


Core Courses

Our next core course is Ethics and Integrity and we’ll look at a wonderful book by Dr. Henry Cloud called Integrity – the courage to meet the demands of reality.

Oftentimes we do not connect the dots with how integrity of character really works day to day, and how it affects our real results in the area of life which matter to us most. In this book we will look at six areas of character that will help us to connect the dots. A person with integrity has the ability to pull everything together, to make it all happen no matter how challenging the circumstances.

Your first post will be up on the forum Monday, March 14th. You’ll make an initial post and respond to someone’s post.

Level II Dec 2013



Congratulations Katie Rice for Completing ELP Level II


Congratulations to Derrick Gilbert (Ozark’s Boy’s) for moving on to your electives.

Core Courses

Our core course this month is Ethics and Integrity and our text: Integrity by Dr. Henry Cloud. A person with integrity has the ability to pull everything together, to make it all happen no matter how challenging the circumstances. In Integrity, Dr. Cloud explores the six qualities of character that defines integrity, and how people with integrity:

  • Are able to connect with others and build trust
  • Are oriented toward reality
  • Finish well

Your first post will be up on Monday, Dec 16th. As always, looking forward to chat with you on the discussion board.