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New ELP Store Items


This is a lightweight and very fashionable t-shirt – One of the core values of the ELP is “Servant Leadership”. In Matthew 20, Jesus is explaining this new concept of leadership. When Jesus said, “Not so with you”, he was telling the disciples that they were going to have to encounter a shift in thinking if they were to be successful. Later on in the same conversation, Jesus resolves this obscure idea by saying, “…just as the Son of Man did not come to be serve, but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many…”


Want to be a part of “Putting Hope WIthin Reach of Every Addict”? All of the proceeds from the sales of this shirt help raise leaders to spread the Gospel to the masses. You can be a part of this audacious task today!


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Level II – Nov 2013


Congratulations Stacy and Andrew on completing ELP Level II!

Stacy McLaine

Stacy McLaine


Andrew Chalmers

Core Courses

Our core course this month is Practical Christianity and our text: Ordering Your Private World by Gordon MacDonald. MacDonald equips a new generation to live life from the inside out, cultivating the inner victory necessary for public effectiveness. Your first post will be up on the forum Monday, Nov 18th.

Remember to return the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership DVD’s asap. Centers will be billed the cost of the DVD set $299.99 + shipping if not returned.

As always, looking forward to chat with you on the discussion board.

Rep’s Link – Oct 2013

Look out for new winter apparels coming soon to the ELP store Our ELP starter pack will include a headset for the main purpose of connecting to our webinars. All Southeast Region Rep’s will be sent a new headset soon. Our next webinar will be Fri, Oct 18th 10:30am eastern. Make it a date.

Level I Adult

This month our course is Boundaries and our text: Boundaries by Drs. Cloud & Townsend. Boundaries help us to identify when to say yes, how to say no and take control of our lives. This is a 2-month course. A shorter version of the workbook can be downloaded at

Level I Adolescents

The course for the adolescent track is Discover Your God-given Gifts and our text: Congratulations…You’re Gifted! by Doug Fields & Erik Rees. Our emerging leaders will discover where their God-given passions and strengths intersect and learn more about their SHAPE.

Monthly Book Orders and Grade Sheet

Southeast Rep’s can go to Google Drive and search for ELP Monthly Order Form and Grade Sheet Edited. Look for your center’s name in the tabs at the bottom and fill in your center’s information. No need to save or email the spreadsheet (Google Drive saves it and I can access the info from my Drive). If you place an initial order on the form and update the order later (i.e. add 2 more books) after we have ordered your books, please send me an email and copy to let us know. Thank you.

“If you want to go quickly go alone, if you want to go far, build a team around you.”

~ Jim Blanchard

Level II – Oct 2013


Welcome Nick & Rachel Aylor (Southwest Florida) and Rob Helfer (Middle GA) to the Level II! We anticipate an even greater impact as God raises up the next generation of leaders in Teen Challenge.

Core Courses

Our core course this month is Conflict Management and our text: The Peacemaker by Ken Sande. This book has personally transformed my life. Years ago, our leadership team in Jamaica studied this book together and it totally transformed the way we communicate and solve conflict. I’ll be sending you copies of the pdf workbook via email. Your first post will be up on the forum Tue, Oct 15th.

Remember to return the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership DVD’s by Monday, Oct 21st. Centers will be billed the cost of the DVD set $299.99 + shipping, if not returned.

As always, looking forward to chat with you on the discussion board.

TC Boys go to Haiti

Emerging LEaders Program students in haiti

In August a group from Ozark’s Teen Challenge took a group of their Emerging Leaders Program students and staff to minister in Haiti. They spent the week in Port Au Prince and surrounding areas ministering in churches, villages and even juvenile prisons. The trip was not only one that blessed the thousands of lives they impacted in Haiti but also was completely life-changing for every single person that was able to go on the trip!

ELP Students at Haitian Prison

ELP Students at Haitian Prison

Here is a quote from the Director Jake Lynch about the trip:

We had such a awesome time in Haiti, God used the boys so powerfully as we ministered. We visited one of the few juvenile prisons in Port-Au-Prince where most the young men were involved in horrible crimes. We couldn’t take cameras inside but we shared in 2 dormitories and brought the message of Hope to many young men that received Christ that day! We shared in every venue from large churches, ghettos and even mountain villages. Paul an OTC student said about the missions trip “We here stories of big crusades coming to other countries and thousands coming to Christ, but for us it felt like an underground movement that God is doing in Haiti, one person at a time.” We are so thankful for the churches and people who supported us to bring the Gospel to Haiti…one person at a time!


Emerging Leaders Program Students in Haiti

ELP Students ministering in a Haitian Village

How has taking students on overseas mission trips effected your Teen Challenge program?

ELP Highlight September 2013

ELP HighlightMy name is Carla and I have worked for Teen Challenge for 10 years since graduating the program in 2003. I knew at 4 months in the program that I would work for Teen Challenge for what I thought would be, until the rapture happened. I always knew I wanted to be a drug counselor but never dreamed of it being with a faith based program.

When I started out as staff, I didn’t know much and everything I had learned was just God and me. After several years, I felt I had grown and knew as much as I was going to know and learn. I had the mentality, this is how it’s done and that’s just how it is.

When I married, I married a man that always wanted to learn and knew there was more to what we do. He began taking ELP while attending TCIMI in Oregon and continued into Level 2 and is now in Level 3. He always shared with me what he was learning and something in me began stirring – drawing me towards ELP. It was remembering all that had been spoken over me during my spiritual journey and not knowing how it was all going to happen. If I didn’t know how it was going to work, I needed to be open to learning new things.  I knew I was called to Teen Challenge and I also knew my way wasn’t the only way. What worked for me wasn’t necessarily going to work for others.

I was doing what the Lord called me to do and to do that I have to remain teachable and willing. ELP is an opportunity for me to do just that, but what I learn helps me to be better at what I do.

Now I am in Level 3 which will take 2 years to finish. Everything I do is training ground for what God has planned for me. ELP is a part of that plan..I can’t stop learning and have to keep persevering towards what He has planned for me.

3 Places to Lead from – Rest, Intimacy, Hunger

three-fingersThere are a lot of things that influence how we interact with those that we lead and influence. We can be having a great day, which leads to our ability to encourage someone around us, or we can find ourselves pouring negativity and slander on those around us about something frustrating that has happened. It is important that we always remember to lead from 3 very important places that will ensure that we lead well and positively influence those people around us.

1.     Lead from a place of Rest 

In our culture we live in a place of constant conviction to achieve and perform more and more. Most of us have a very hard time; never stopping to really rest in the Lord. When we feel the constant need to continue striving it is because we are not living in a place where we can rest in who God is. Sometimes we feel a need to constantly be proving ourselves. As leaders we need to always make time to sit back and rest in the Lord. The Lord calls us to yoke ourselves up to Him and he promises that the burden will be light. As we rest in the Lord we will enable him to refresh us and will end up having so much more to offer those that we influence.

2.     Lead from a place of Intimacy

In John chapter 15 Jesus reminds us that we need to always remain in Him as he remains in the Father. He uses the metaphor of us being the branches that are attached to him, which represents the vine. This is extremely important to remember, as we are influencing those around us. We need to always be taking time to get away and seek the face of God. We need to get into His presence and allow him to show us more of whom He is. The more intimacy we have with God, the higher the probability is that others will encounter him through us.

3.     Lead from a place of Hunger and Thirst

In John chapter 6 Jesus compares himself to food. He tells us that if we will eat and drink of Him that we will no longer hunger or thirst. The physical energy, invigoration and refreshment that we gain from food and drink is simply a portrait of the way that Jesus nourishes and fills our lives. This bold promise is something that we need to always remember as we are pouring into the lives of other people. We need to exemplify for others that we crave Jesus even more than we do the water we drink, the food we eat and even the air we breathe.

Do you think God put physical food on the earth to show us how much we should crave Jesus?

Emerging Leader Highlight

Name:  Felicia Franklin600104_100371393464195_567062038_n copy

Age: 27

Hometown: Mastic Beach, New York.

Testimony: As a kid I was forced to go to church but as I got older I chose the things of this world instead of doing what I knew was right. After losing my dad in a tragic hunting accident what I once did for fun became a way to escape reality.  I was a full blown crack and opiate addict by age 25. I had a college degree but my life was such a mess I couldn’t keep a job.   I knew there was more to life and God was the only one that could help me.

Teen Challenge Center: Fort Myers Women

The Purpose and Calling God has Given Me: I was called into Missions where my purpose is to reach out and help the lost and hopeless.

ELP’s Impact on my Leadership: I learned to be a servant leader. I have also learned that being a leader at times means doing the jobs no one else wants to do and doing them with a smile on my face and joy in my heart. Everything I do, I do for the Glory of God and with Integrity.

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Emerging Leaders Program Pens


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