Level II – June 2013


This month we want to welcome back Steven Borchert (Ozark’s Boy’s) to the Level II! Welcome Steven!

Core Courses

We are continuing with our 3-month course Values in Leadership text: People First by Jack Lannom. Great insights are coming out of your posts – you guys are doing an amazing job! Remember to fill-in your Personal Action Plans at the end of each acrostic (you will turn those in at the end of the course).

For those of you doing the Elective Track, great questions and insights! I see the future leaders of Teen Challenge beaming brighter and brighter.

Level II Link – May


This month we want to welcome Carl Johnson (Emerging Leaders College), Marsha Rice (West Florida Boy’s) and Eleonda Stewart (Women at the Well) to the Level II! Welcome leaders! We look forward to see how God will grow your leadership through the ELP.


Congratulations to Pastor Bernie Foschini (Western KY), Stacy McLaine and Anna Spencer (Columbus Women) and Nikki Osborne (Women at the Well) for moving on to your elective track!

Core Courses

Let’s jump back in after our one week break from posting. I am enjoying your insights from From Dream to Reality.

Our next course starting May 15th is a 3-month course Values in Leadership and we will be studying “People First” by Jack Lannom. This course will heighten your appreciation for every aspect of leadership and will stretch you as a leader. Your notebooks and CD’s (for the auditory learners) will be sent from this office. Your first post will be up on the forum on Monday, May 19th. Looking forward to our journey in learning the values in leadership.