Level II – Mar 2016


This month we welcome John Powell and Kori Briscoe (Hope Outreach, Columbia, SC) to the Level II!. Both leaders are graduates of the Emerging Leaders College and are now serving at our Hope Outreach in SC. Welcome guys! Thank you for answering the call of God on your lives and for being a student of your call. The lessons we can learn in leadership never ends. Looking forward to walk this journey with you.


Congratulations Becca Price, Women at the Well, PA for completing the Level II! Congratulations to Mike Spivey, Jacksonville for moving on to your electives!


Core Courses

Our next core course is Ethics and Integrity and we’ll look at a wonderful book by Dr. Henry Cloud called Integrity – the courage to meet the demands of reality.

Oftentimes we do not connect the dots with how integrity of character really works day to day, and how it affects our real results in the area of life which matter to us most. In this book we will look at six areas of character that will help us to connect the dots. A person with integrity has the ability to pull everything together, to make it all happen no matter how challenging the circumstances.

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Level II – July 2015

Core Courses

Our next Core Course is Ministry Development and our text: From Dream to Reality by Dr. Jerry Nance. Dr. J outlines 21 principles for us to move our dreams from just a dream – to reality. The leader must hear from God, Pray hard, work hard and then pray God blesses your work, cherish and celebrate victories along the way, learning to laugh and much more.  Some of you should have a copy of this book but if you don’t email me at andree.aiken@teenchallenge.cc and I’ll mail one to you.

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Level II Link – June 2015


This month we welcome Shannon White (Columbus Girls) and Mike Spivey (Jacksonville) to the Level II. Shannon has been serving with the Columbus Girls for 3 years and Mike has been serving at Jacksonville for a year. Welcome leaders! This is the level of the ELP where you will truly learn self-leadership and personal responsibility.

Core Courses

For those of you who have not returned the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership DVD’s to the ELP Office, please return them soonest. If not, we’ll charge your center the cost of the DVD’s ($299.99) starting Jun 15th. 

Our next Core Course is Ethics and Integrity and our book: Integrity by Dr. Henry Integrity PICCloud. Clouds’ byline for Integrity is “the courage to manage the demands of reality.” Most people define integrity as “doing what is right when no one is looking” but another, even greater, perspective Cloud gives is “integrity is integrated character; who a person is will ultimately determine if brains, talents, competencies, energy, effort, deal-making abilities, and opportunities will succeed.”

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Level II – Oct 2014


This month we welcome Todd Adams (Pensacola Men’s) and Glenn Yost (Genesis Men’s Home) to the Level II. Welcome Todd & Glenn! We look forward to a rich learning experience.

Core Courses

Our core course this month is Ministry Development and our text: From Dream to Reality by our very own Dr. Jerry Nance. You’ll learn principles such as:

  • The Leader Must Hear From God
  • Pray Hard, Work Hard, Then Pray God Blesses Your Work
  • Cherish and Celebrate Victories Along the Way
  • Staying True to Your Mission
  • Opposition Is A Part Of the Process
  • Learning to Laugh and more…

You can see your dream become a reality as you apply these principles and as you stay faithful to the dream in your heart. Don’t quit short of what God has put in your heart to accomplish!

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