Level II – April 2016


Congratulations Sean Lee for completing the Level 2! 

Core Courses

Our next core course is Ministry Development and our text: From Dream to Reality. dream to reality book coverWe’ll read a little of the history of TC Southeast as Dr. Jerry Nance shares the early years of developing the ministry. This book reveals the principles that evolved during the building years of the organization. You’ll learn principles such as:

  • The leader must hear from God
  • Pray Hard, Work Hard, Then Pray God Blesses Your Work
  • Cherish and Celebrate Victories along the Way
  • You Can Fund Your Vision
  • Learn to Laugh and much more…

You can see your dream become a reality as you apply these principles and as you stay faithful to the dream in your heart. Don’t quit short of what God has put in your heart to accomplish. God has a master plan for your life and He has endowed you with the gifts and talents to accomplish what He has called you to do.

Your first post will be up on the forum Monday, April 18th. You’ll make an initial post and respond to someone’s post.

ELP Highlights

Name:  Sean LeeSean Lee

Age:      I will be 47 years old in May of 2014.

Teen Challenge Center:  I am a teacher/Licensed Minister in the education department of The Jacksonville Men’s Teen Challenge Center of Florida and I’ve been on staff here since September, 2012. I graduated The Rehrersburg, PA Men’s Training Center (God’s Mountain) in October of 1987.

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii, but I’ve lived in the mainland over half my life.


My Testimony in Brief: Jesus Christ transformed my life from a soldier of the devil to a soldier of The Cross and these last 27 years have been amazing! If you ever get a Saturday to drink coffee and listen to a novel I’ll fill you in.

The Purpose and Calling God has Given Me: I attended Jacksonville T.C.I.M.I in 2007 & 2008 and God has called me back to TC to serve.

The ELP’s Impact on My Leadership: ELP is the catalyst that God used to re-ignite the passion and vision in me.