ELP Highlight – July 2016

Name: Matthew RossignolMatt Rossignol

Age: 25 years old

Hometown: Northhampton, Maine

Teen Challenge Center: Jacksonville Men’s Center

My Testimony in Brief: I was raised in a traditional home where I learned good morals and work ethic.  I spent my whole life trying to fit in and belong, looking for significance in all the wrong places. At 21 I was divorced, became even more depressed, and became addicted to cold medicine, which led to 4 baker acts, over 8 antidepressant prescriptions.  During this my brother passed away suddenly from organ failure, which drove me to God.  After a few more failures I came to Teen Challenge and figured out my problem wasn’t drugs, but rather a lack of God.

Purpose and Calling: I have been here 8 months and the ELP program is God’s tool to strengthen and develop my character, and to make me ready for His calling of serving others who are bound with sin.  This ministry, ELP and God has turned out to be more that I imagined.


ELP Highlight – Jan 2016

Name: Michael T. Spivey20151220_202308-1

Age:   37 years old

Hometown: Born and raised in Macclenny, FL

Teen Challenge Center:   On staff with TC Jacksonville Men’s Center 2 years.

Which Center/What Year did you Graduate: I graduated Jacksonville Men’ Center August 2013 and was hired March 2014. I will complete ELP Level II in a few months.

My Testimony in Brief: I didn’t want for material things but had no real life skills due to my parents own addictions and bad life skills. I used alcohol and pot at age 15, cocaine at age 16, ecstasy and LSD at age 20, pills and crack from age 24 to 30 and pills and meth age 30 to 33. I was busted by DEA for manufacturing meth in 2012 and soon after entered Teen Challenge where God transformed my life.

The Purpose and Calling God has Given Me: My purpose and calling is to teach relationship skills based on the Word of God; having Agape love that goes where it isn’t deserved and doesn’t have expectations when it isn’t received. Destroying the work of the devil; namely division.

The ELP’s Impact on My Leadership:  ELP has given me the tools and desire to achieve this by learning about influence, selflessness and serving others. It has also brought out giftings and dreams that I didn’t know I had.



Level II Link – June 2015


This month we welcome Shannon White (Columbus Girls) and Mike Spivey (Jacksonville) to the Level II. Shannon has been serving with the Columbus Girls for 3 years and Mike has been serving at Jacksonville for a year. Welcome leaders! This is the level of the ELP where you will truly learn self-leadership and personal responsibility.

Core Courses

For those of you who have not returned the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership DVD’s to the ELP Office, please return them soonest. If not, we’ll charge your center the cost of the DVD’s ($299.99) starting Jun 15th. 

Our next Core Course is Ethics and Integrity and our book: Integrity by Dr. Henry Integrity PICCloud. Clouds’ byline for Integrity is “the courage to manage the demands of reality.” Most people define integrity as “doing what is right when no one is looking” but another, even greater, perspective Cloud gives is “integrity is integrated character; who a person is will ultimately determine if brains, talents, competencies, energy, effort, deal-making abilities, and opportunities will succeed.”

Your first post for this course will be up on the forum Monday, June 15th. You’ll make an initial post and then respond to someone’s post.


ELP Highlight

My name is Hannah Larson. I am twenty-one-years old and am from Jacksonville, Florida.Hannah My family attended the Brownsville Revival when I was six and there I had my first encounters with God. It was around freshman year where my parents began to fight a lot and later separated. They got back together but still fought. I felt trapped, unwanted and unloved. Finally one night I cried out to God for help. The next morning, I got a phone call from my aunt who told me of an opportunity to intern at Columbus Teen Challenge. I was hesitant but said yes. I arrived at CGA (Yuchi) September 13, 2012 and on May 5, 2013 I became a residential staff and a part of a family I never dreamed I could have. Since being a part of ELP, I have learned new ways to loving people like Christ. Before Teen Challenge and ELP, I had distorted views of leadership. Now, I’ve realized I can lead by becoming like Jesus; serving and loving others.